My favorite hiking place in Silicon Valley/シリコンバレーおすすめ★ハイキングコース

Hi Everyone!

I was finally able to go hiking last weekend.


Today I went to Castle Rock State Park which is near Saratoga down town.

Last year I made a YouTube video, if you are interested in the park, Please check it out before you go. It's Japanese but you can see how they look like.

(Image 2)

There are so many courses but now there is only one way we can walk, so we are not going to across other people. Here is the map.

(Image 3)

We walked "Saratoga Gap Trail which is the longest course that we were able to walk. It takes 3 hours, If you go to Interconnector Trail, It should be 2 hours or depends on how fast you are.

We had a lunch at the top of the mountain. It felt amazing!

(Image 4)

(*I post more video on Instagram, please also check them out!)

This is my advice if you wish to go!

・Carpool with your friends, there are limited parking spaces.

・Bring Sun screen and bug spray.

It was little bit serious hiking but there are so many kids too, so if you like nature, I highly recommend!

Castle Rock State Park




(Image 1)



今回行ったのは、Castle Rock State Park!以前YouTubeにも載せたことがあるここです。

(Image 2:動画)

本来は、いくつもコースがあるのですが、みんな同じところからしか入場ができ無くなっており、人とすれ違わない様に配慮されています。(Image 3:コースマップ)

今回我々が歩いたのはSaratoga Gap Trailという一番長いコースで約3時間でした。

途中Inteconnector Trailというところを通ればおそらく2時間くらいで歩けると思います。


(Image 4)