Message from Katsura (New Instructor)

Hi Everyone! This is Mika!

Today there is going to be a message from Katsura, who is also in our 40 minute Full Body Workout class.

Katsura is currently an NFL cheerleader in Las Vegas. After working as a high school teacher and secretary, she successfully passed the tryout during the pandemic last year and moved to the United States.

As I supported her NFL auditions, we really discovered her personality together and it felt like such a great fit for the class that I have designed for you all, and a truly great addition to make you comfortable and put a smile on your face. She has great talent and I’m sure you will all appreciate her while you participate with us!


Hello everyone!

My name is Katsura and I am partnering with Mika for her class!

This time, I would like to tell you a little about "Why I decided to become a fitness instructor"

I've always loved cheerleading since junior high school and "to make people smile and a little more happier in their lives". I thought it would be wonderful if I could share it with everyone through fitness, so I decided to become an instructor.

Also, when I moved to the United States last year, when I was thinking of starting something new, I was participating in Mika's online dance fitness, and I was very impressed with her idea that even people who have never exercised can continue to enjoy themselves and she invited me to teach with her, and I decided to accept and do it.

I'm shy, but I'm happy to be able to start up something new like this with Mika!

I hope I can help you with your "health and fitness" through this class.

In Canada and the United States, where I have lived, many people are building their bodies mainly for "health".

I realized that a healthy body becomes more beautiful as it shines from the inside.

Become healthy → Rejuvenate both appearance and bring out the best of us inside → Bring out the beauty inside of us

If you start little by little from now on, you will be glad you did it later.

Since I’m over 30 years old, my body is no longer like my 20s. I keep trying every smaller step when I can to continue improving as an NFL cheerleader.

Let's prepare together now so that we can continue doing what we want to do with a smile while we do it!

I would be very happy if I could help you bring some positive energy and good times.

Katsura Uryu

As an NFL cheerleader in Las Vegas. She won top prizes in college and open division at the All Japan Cheer Dance Championships. After graduating from college, she worked as a college researcher and high school teacher at graduate school, compiling research on a comparison of cheerleading between Japan and the United States. Her teaching history is as a coach and deputy director of a college team, she is also a member of the team she started up, and she is a director of Raffines. As a social contribution, she appointed Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture as a special tourism ambassador, and while conducting PR activities for Kaminoyama City, she visited various parts of Japan and contributed to regional revitalization. In recognition of her achievements, she was commended by the Commissioner of the Tourism Agency in 2015. She has appeared in many domestic and international events, including works produced by Kansai Yamamoto who is a world-famous designer.

We really appreciate you listening to us today and participating in our class! Your commitment and drive makes this class truly special and important to both of us. Let's enjoy and have fun with our best foot forward!



今日は40mins Full Body Workoutクラスを一緒に行っているKatsuraさんからのメッセージです。


















瓜生 桂

NFLチアリーダーとしてラスベガスで活動中。全日本チアダンス選手権大会などで大学、社会人時代に上位入賞を果たす。大学卒業後、大学研究員、高校教諭をしながら大学院でチアリーディングの日米比較について研究をまとめた。指導歴は、大学チームのコーチ・副監督、自身が立ち上げた社会人チーム Raffines(ラフィネス)のディレクターを務める。社会貢献として山形県上山市特命観光大使を拝命し、上山市のPR活動を行いながら日本各地を訪れ地域活性化に寄与する。それらの功績が認められ、2015年に観光庁長官より表彰される。イベント出演は、世界的デザイナー 故、山本寛斎氏プロデュース作品をはじめ国内外のイベントに多数出演。